Find out how to rescue Rococó the Scarbate in this magical adventure. Find Rococó the Scarbate in Hogwarts Legacy – Complete the Mission & Solve Block Puzzles

How to complete the mission rescuing Rococo
How to solve the first block puzzle
How to pass the mobile floor trap
How to solve the puzzle of the second block
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The magical world extends far beyond Hogwarts walls in Hogwarts Legacy.
Both inside and outside the starting school, your witch or personalized magician will meet dozens of characters, many of whom have optional secondary missions with which you can help them.
One of those missions, entitled Rescuing Rococo, is especially complicated.
While the objective of finding the Rifler Rococo Lost may seem simple, this search presents many complicated riddles to trip.
To make sure that this little Löffler returns home safe, here we show him how to find Rococo at Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete the mission rescuing Rococo

Before you can start the search rescuing Rococo, you must first meet some requirements.
Mainly, you must complete the mission The High Keep and unlock your hypocrisy mount.
Once you have achieved that, you can start the search by addressing Edinburgh and talking to a merchant named Agnes Coffey.
The first step of the search will be to go to Henrietta Hideaway in the southern part of Edinburgh called Manor Cape.
Upon arrival, you will face a small troop of Ash winders that you must eliminate.
Face them in the way that seems best before entering the underground section through the stairs next to Merlin Trial.

How to solve the first block puzzle

The first room in which you enter Henrietta’s Hideaway will present a block puzzle to solve.

This is similar to other block puzzles that you may have found, where you must place the right blocks on different platforms and throw the correct spell on them.
A cube is outdoors and has an ice symbol.
Move it to the platform with the caravan and throw glacial on it to activate it.
The other cube is not so accessible.
To reveal it, you must use a fire spell to turn on a small bowl in front of a statue on the left side of the room.
Once ignited, you can move the block to the platform with the flame icon and throw confringing or fire.
With both activated blocks, the doors will open.

How to pass the mobile floor trap

The next room has more enemies than eliminating, but the real problem is a trap on the second floor that teleports you if you try to cross it.
Lanka Revelry to highlight the section of the floor that has an explosive trap to prevent it from activating, and beating it with a momentum arrest spell so that it is safe to cross.


How to solve the puzzle of the second block

This last room has a last block puzzles to solve.
This time the two cubes you need are hidden, but it is resolved the same as before.
The first block is on a shelf on the left side of the room, and you can simply sign up with action to move it to the platform with the pen icon.
To activate the cube, you must launch Levies on it.
To find the second cube, go to the door on the right side of the room and go up to a pedestal that will teleport you to a new room with the block.
Remove it with wingardium Levies and climb the stairs that will take him back to the main camera.
Place it on the Fire Platform, Lanka Confringing or fire on it, and the final door will open.
Take all the loot, but don’t forget to use your Nab-Sack in Rococo, of course, and get out of the dungeon.
When I return with Agnes, you will have some options.
You can return Rococo as promised, ask for a reward in exchange for the Rifler or choose to keep it yourself.
No matter which one you choose, the mission will conclude and reward you with XP and the Rifler Fur-Lined Hat team article.
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