Rare Pokemon Letter Up for Sale for Over $5 Million – One of the Rarest Collectibles in the World!

You might have become aware of Pokémon letters at absurd prices.
Edition 1, PSA 10 authentication note, all these terms that increase the rate of this absolutely insane market that took off from a while now.
Among the rarest letters of perpetuity, which has just been put for sale at eBay for a $5.5 million trifle, Illustrator Pikachu.

An unusual letter

Likewise called Mona Lisa of the Pokémon Letters, Pikachu Illustrator is among the rarest, otherwise the rarest of the globe.
Printed in simply 39 copies already marketed, of which just 24 are presently provided, it was the incentive promised to the victors of an organized illustration contest in Japan in 1998.


Pikachu Illustrator is on sale for $5.5 million.

And the craziest thing in history is that, if gotten, there is an excellent possibility of not being for an enthusiast or gamer, yet by a financier who expects to resell her later.
The rate would certainly be rather reduced, because the card ranking of the card is not specified, as one more edition of this Pikachu PSA 9/10 is additionally available for sale on the internet for more than $4 million (about R $20.7 million).

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