Speedrunner Beats Sons of the Forest in Under 8 Minutes Without Hurting a Soul – Itll Take a Lot to Improve On This Time!

Boys of the Woodland has somehow been completed in under eight minutes.

This speed run may fall right into the ‘Relaxed’ classification with zero combat, however it still permits problems. It’ll be fascinating to see if any type of succeeding Sons of the Forest speed runs choose to abandon the non-violence aspect when attempting to defeat this time around, but if speed runners do stop to take enemies on, we would certainly visualize they would certainly be hard-pressed to defeat the document below. As well as the moment it takes to usually obtain crucial products like the Sons of the Forest shovel.


Yes, if you were asking yourself, this speed run does make the most of the glitches. They exist from the really beginning of the Sons of the Woodland speed run, as the gamer inexplicably ranges a mountain, almost flying up it like an eagle, reaching the summit in a snap.

Still, a sub-eight-minute speed run is absolutely nothing to sniff at, even if it does incorporate problems as well as various other exploits. Sons of the Woodland sticks you on an island as well as jobs you with enduring initially, so this speed runner having actually broken the survival scary game wide open this swiftly after launch is danged remarkable.

If you, like the speed runner right here, desire to take advantage of all the glitches readily available, have a look at our Kids of the Forest cheats guide for a lot more.

It’s virtually as impressive as everybody’s love for Kelvin, the cherished Children of the Woodland friend you’re trapped on the remote island with from the beginning of the journey.

The survival horror video game might’ve only just released in early gain access to recently, but it hasn’t taken wish for speed runners to explore Boys of the Woodland thoroughly. Now, the globe record for completing it is seven minutes as well as 38 seconds. You can see it in complete below.

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