JCEs Top 5 Exotic Weapons in Destiny 2: Lightfall


The fans of the Destiny franchise know that the game of weapons in the series is one of the best in games.
That said, knowing what weapons choosing to become the final guardian can be a bit overwhelming.
There are many types of weapons in Destiny 2 Nightfall, being exotic weapons some of the best to use.
This is because exotic weapons have special intrinsic advantages that are exclusive to them as weapons, so players can create special constructions or use weapons that others simply cannot compete.
However, even with so many special skills and weapons to choose from, certain exotic things in the game will stand out on the rest.
Here are the 5 main exotic elements that players can use to play EVE in Destiny 2 Nightfall.

1: Mercury storm

Quicksilver Storm was an exclusive exotic automatic rifle that was offered to the Guardians who bought the light expansion and the Season Pass package.
While certainly there is a monetary barrier to access the unlocking of this firearm, the players who have it can make a great use of their strong unique objective and add cleaning skills.
This is because when hitting objectives with Quicksilver Storm, the weapon will launch rockets looking for heat.
When these rockets reach a goal, they will load a grenade in the weapon.
Up to 3 grenades can be stored and, keeping the recharge button pressured, players can change to an alternative shooting mode to shoot these grenades to their enemies.
This helps to keep the special ammunition and can damage the elderly, while completely decimating the minor aggregate groups.
How to get: possess the Destiny 2 Nightfall Expansion and Season Pass package

2: Often Stria

The Stria Often was the first manufactured exotic weapon added to the game in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.
This forceful SMG is able to inflict damage at distances much longer than a normal SMG due to the search projectiles it launches.
As a weapon that can work both short and medium, players who choose to use this firearm will immediately notice groups of enemies and targets more equally.
This is because it does a lot of damage over time, and when a goal dies, it sends a gust of poison around it, damaging the surrounding enemies.
This can quickly become a snowball, which makes it ideal to add clearly.
In addition, Warlock players who want to use this weapon can use the exotic necrotic Grip gloves together with OST
How to get: Prepare the weapon in the enclave (requires the Witch Queen expansion)

3) Witherhorda

Image through
The Wither horde is one of the best weapons to keep large groups of enemies at bay.
When this exotic launched is triggered, it launches a strange projectile of possessed that makes a large plague puddle forms on the floor.
When enemies step on it, they will receive harm.
If the players get a direct blow, the enemy who dies will explode and throw more plague.
By providing area denial, this weapon can not only help keep the players safe when block
of the player’s choice. When it comes to solo content, this is usually one of the best options, if not the best.
The players who lost it during the arrivals season must get a score in the kiosk of exotic weapons in the tower.
How to get: kiosk of exotic weapons in the tower

4) Smaller horn

Players can get Gjallerhorn once again in Destiny 2 (image through )
A true Destiny classic, this iconic rocket launcher has returned, along with some updates when it appeared in the 30th anniversary package.
The players who remember with affection this blunt rocket launcher and heat search engine will be delighted to take it with them once again to battle, and must complete the funny grass of areas avarice to unlock this element.
One of the best things of this exotic is that it also reinforces the rockets of a fire team with Wolfpack Rounds, which makes the whole team do more harm in general.
In addition, players can quickly get out of coverage and shoot heat search rounds to cause mass damage and eliminate groups of enemies, and look good while they do.
How to get: Complete exotic Quest of grasp of greed in 30th Anniversary Pack

5) Izanagi Load

Izanagi’s Burden is an extremely powerful sniper rifle in Destiny 2 (image through )
Sometimes you just need to make sure that a goal dies very fast, and that is exactly what Izanagi’s Burden does, if you have good aim.

Presented in Season of the Forge, this exotic sniper rifle is capable (with the catalyst) to cause serious damage quickly.
By combining all rounds in your charger in a blunt round, you can destroy everyone but the enemies more resistant to a well-located critic.
However, if a player fails his shots, he will have wasted a lot of ammunition and damage.
Therefore, those who trust their sniper skills will find that this weapon is a great addition to any load that requires extreme explosion damage from the middle of the map.
How to get: kiosk of exotic weapons in the tower
For those who are looking for the best exotic weapons for EVE in Destiny 2 Nightfall, any of these on the list will make your trip through the campaign a little easier.
For other guides and to become the final guardian, consult our guide section for Destiny 2 here.
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