New Super Mario Switch Bundle Confirmed – Release Date, Price, and More!

For a few days it had been leaked that there will be a new Nintendo Switch package, which would be related in some way to the Super Mario movie next to be released in theaters.
And now, photographs have emerged that practically confirm that the theme console is real and will arrive sooner than we thought.
Nintendo itself has confirmed that during the celebration of this March 10, better known as El Mar10 Day, said console will be launched with the name of Nintendo Switch Mario Choose One Bundle.
Which will be priced at $299 USD, and includes Red Color Joy-Con, a game to choose between Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey or New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe and some film stickers.
As we mentioned, the console will be available from March 10, this in My Nintendo Store and some selected stores.


For its part, it has to be clarified that the type of console is conventional switch, discarding the model with the OLED screen.

Then, I would be aimed at whoever does not have this device and want to acquire it for the emotion of the film.
Remember that the film opens on April 6.
Via: Nintendo Life
Editor’s note: It will undoubtedly be the perfect way to enter without having bought a switch before, although it will be a difficult decision to choose the game, since two are good multiplayer, but the other is a great three-dimensional adventure.
I would go for Mario Kart 8, since Cool would be released in a family.

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