6, Riot Games is looking to reign in the power of early dragons.LoL Patch 13.6: Riot Devs Reigning in on Power of Early Dragons

On March 13, the lead designer on the Organization balance group, Matt Riot Horizon Leung-Harrison disclosed the listing of nerfs and enthusiasts pertaining to Patch 13.6. Amongst nerfs to champs, Patch 13.6 will bring system nerfs, namely nerfs to dragons, Bloodthirstier, Favor Quick blades, Lethal Pace, and Legend: Bloodline.

Currently, we still do not understand Riots intend on just how precisely the devs are intending to nerf dragons, but one point makes certain: this will have a great impact on the meta. For one, this could suggest that jungles can concentrate on farming and banking in the very early video game a lot more to accumulate a lead.

Yet nerfs to dragons, specifically in the late game, could mean the era of team fighting is ending, and leading split-pushing champs like Flora, Relic, as well as Tryndamere may rise in popularity on Summoners Break.

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For the previous number of periods, the Organization of Legends meta has been centered around team fighting, dragons, and also, much more significantly, Dragon Heart. With the following patch, Patch 13.6, the regime of dragons is concerning an end as well as the age of split-pushing may start once more.


While most of these adjustments are focused on tuning down the power of AD carries, which are currently in a really solid area, the adjustment that sticks out is to nerf to dragons overall.

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